3D Font Art Pack includes a set of 10 stylized 3D fonts (Text Mesh) with textures + some sets include thematic elements. This package is perfect for creating 3D titles for your games. And also for the creation of 3D inscriptions in the game menu (UI) and on the playing field.


Composition of package 3D Font Art Pack:


★ This package includes fonts in styles: Steampunk, Neon, Cartoon, Bloody, Nixie Tube, Сracked Rock, Retro, Metal, 80s style, Wild West


★ Includes a full set of symbols: alphabetic symbols, numeric symbols and additional symbols


★ All symbols has a Diffuse, Normal and Occlusion map or PBR materials


★ For each symbol there are 3 variants qualities*: Low, Med, Hi

    * For fonts with round serifs


★ All symbols have prefabs


License and Usage: LINK


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